Best Certified Financial Planner Courses

A Certified Financial Planner or a CFP is a professional financial planner who has achieved one of the highest levels of qualification within the financial services industry. These individuals meet the requirements established by the CFP Board of Standards, which are as follows:


- A Bachelor's degree, or higher from an accredited college or university

- Complete a CFP Board-Registered Education Program

- Pass the CFP Certification Examination, a 10-hour exam

- Have at least three years of work experience in personal financial planning

- Pass a background check

- Pay certification fees


Once these individuals become Certified Financial Planners, they also need to report Continuing Education requirements every other year as this ensures that they are updated with any changes or new information within the industry. There are some schools that offer Certified Financial Planner courses but you also have the option to get these courses online. At the same time, to ensure that they maintain the highest professional standards, they follow a certain code of ethics set by the national professional body in their state or country.


Undergoing and finishing a certified financial planner course is a necessary technical qualification, as it will prepare the professional in handling comprehensive financial plans. Hence, when looking for a financial planner, be sure that you choose someone who is certified to ensure that you’re getting the services you are paying for.


So what do certified financial planners do? These certified planners check all aspects of your finances and will even help you achieve your lifestyle ambition and goals. This is made possible through focusing on your goals and helping you on different strategies you can use or do to achieve them. They’ll have access on your financial situation so they can troubleshoot and provide appropriate options to resolve such problems. Plus, they assist you in a variety of financial decisions whether for personal or business reasons.


Want to be a certified financial planner? Then check out certified financial planner courses online or in schools near your area.

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    Financial Planner (Tuesday, 24 June 2014 04:02)

    Don't worry about the complex tone of it, personal financial planning is actually quite easy to execute. Try your best to stick to your plan. For you to be able to do this easily, you need to set a realistic plan and then revise it and make any adjustments periodically. Its best if you could use a program like Microsoft Excel to maintain your budget.