Certified Financial Planner Designation

The certified financial planner designation is given to an individual who has successfully met the standards set by the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards Inc. this includes holding a bachelor’s degree of any field as long as it comes from an accredited college or university, taking CFP classes, gaining 3 years of working experience as financial planner, passing the examination, and agreeing to the code of ethics of the CFP Board of Standards.


The certified financial planner designation is perfect for individuals who seek to increase their salary potential, widen up their knowledge, and enhance more their skills to keep up with today’s standard in the financial market. This is because students are taught in their certified financial planner course regarding the basic principles of financial planning, the rules and regulations of investments, lifecycle of planning, educational funding, and a lot more. At the same time, the students also learn foundational business concepts like business entity laws, financial services industry regulations, and more which will have a huge impact on the investment-planning industry.


A lot of colleges and universities today offer the CFP certification programs. In fact, if you’re too busy to attend the traditional classroom setting, then you take the course online. This allows the student to have a self-paced environment so they can still get the education and training they need to pass the CFP examination.


Some of the most common course requirements included in the Certified Financial Planner program include Calculator Training Fundamentals, Calculator Training and Investments, Fundamentals of Planning and Insurance Planning, Investment Planning, Income Tax Planning, Risk Management, Retirement Planning and Employee Benefits, Estate Planning and Review of Case Studies in Financial Planning.


Want to obtain the certified financial planner designation? Then try your best to meet all of those requirements. It’ll surely be worth it!


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