Best World War II Documentaries That Will Keep You Interested About the War

The World War 2 is known to be the deadliest amongst all the wars that the world has been through. Millions of lives were lost during the war and sad to say most of the people who died are the innocent ones. Fighting ranged from different part of the worlds especially in Europe and in the Pacific. A lot of countries took part of the war and all felt the destruction it brought out. World War 2 indeed changed the world forever.

World War 2 was brought about in order to fight against tyranny. Most part of Europe was conquered by the Nazi Germany which was under the dictatorship of Adolf Hitler. The war in Europe started when Germany invaded Poland in 1939. Everywhere the Nazis go they brought terror and devastation with them especially to the Jews but also to other minorities.

While in Asia and the Pacific, the Japanese militaries invaded country after country and island after island. But it was on December 7, 1941 when the Japanese bombed the Pearl Harbor which prompted the US to take part in the war.

With everything that transpires during the war there were a lot of World War II documentaries that were made. These documentaries will serve as memories of what happened when the deadliest war hit the world. Also with these documentaries it will help you see each and every aspects of the war. There are World War II documentaries that were made during the war or those that were produced just after the war. While up to the present day film directors and artist still continue to generate documentaries about the war depending on their own research and perspectives about the war.

World War II documentaries were made to help the people understand what truly happened during the deadliest war hit the world. We may know about the war through our relatives based on the stories passed from generation to generation. On the other hand, we also learn through reading books, magazines and articles about the war but seeing the actual footages that were shot during the war is totally different from just hearing and reading about it. It would be a lot easier to understand everything if you are watching it. And admit it; it would also be a lot less boring and uninteresting.

Since there are a lot of World War II documentaries depending on the different perspectives of those who made it, I will discuss the best of it that will encourage you to watch it.

  1. World At War: The Complete Set

  2. World War II Battle Force: Panzer

  3. World War 2: The Lost Color Archives

  4. Battlefield

  5. The War

  6. Triumph Of The Will

  7. The Battle Of San Pietro

  8. Why We Fight World War II – The Complete Series

  9. WWII In Color

  10. Victory At Sea

The author wants to let you know how World War II Documentaries can help you to fully understand what transpire during the war. Learn more about the contents of World War II documentaries by watching the videos about World War II  events.

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